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Les valeurs de l'hôtel

Urban Jungle  was born from the founders' desire to create an  "eco-friendly" hotel in the city.

Urban Jungle is also the result of a strong collaboration and friendship, with ARAXI Design Studio and its founder Delphine Sanoïan, working in Sao Paulo and Paris. The sharing of common values and an unwavering commitment of all facing pandemic, economic, security constraints ... were a strong factor in the success of the project.

ARAXI's stake on this project was to combine the requirements of urban hotels with current ecological concerns , creating a concept of ECO DESIGN rooms with vegan and eco-responsible sensibilities.

One of the first thinkers of eco-design is Victor Papanek (1927-1999), industrial designer and teacher, who dedicated his life to the promotion of responsible design for the planet and society. Avant-garde, in 1971 he wrote his manifesto “Design for the real world”, in which he disapproved of industrial products that he considered ill-adapted, futile and useless. He is interested in all aspects of design as well as their impact on the environment and people.

ARAXI has thus worked to create an eco-responsible hotel (for our conscience), modular (for our comfort), with a creative design (for our senses), going beyond the standards of a 3-star hotel.  

The challenge: launch a new hotel brand based on an eco-responsible model, being creative and in an urban environment. Pandemic and economic constraints came alongside the project and added fun...

In this building in the Orléans city center of the 1950s and 1960s (destroyed during World War II), ARAXI has chosen, on the ground floor, to play on the contrasts of volumes and colors, with an entrance-reception with black walls bordered by stone plates. raw cork, highlighting the backlit natural stone leaf docking station, created by ARAXI for Urban Jungle. Animal winks or restyled African masks punctuate, here and there,  the reception area and bring the identity of a place in harmony with nature and its occupants ...  

In contrast, the reception is open to a very bright space, where breakfasts are served, but it is also a relaxation or working room for our customers. We are exhibiting a fresco created by Rodolphe Barsakian of Vahan Studio, associated with ARAXI in the creation of visuals of an abundant and stylized nature for Urban Jungle. The concrete on the floor blends with the solid wood species of the furniture, in varied and warm colors.

At the Urban Jungle, everything has a purpose. Shared spaces are designed as places for people to meet, exchange, live. Everything is subject to reflection, interpretation, dialogue, in an environment of natural inspiration. The choice of very dark green color of the corridors with the walls and the ceiling, lit by natural bamboo lanterns, evokes the evenings in the deep jungle. On the ground, veins appear in the black carpet and invite us to walk.  Niches with renewed exhibitions tackle various themes, such as windows on our contemporary world, dealing with veganism as well as Gien porcelains located near Orléans.

As for the rooms , they are available in  5 collections with unique personalities, materials and colors:

- the CUBE rooms with an eco-design & vegan spirit

Personality: colorful, warm, welcoming

Colors: green, black, wood with a few touches of white or yellow

Materials: recycled wood, cork, bamboo, ceramic

- the WOOD rooms and the evocation of the forest

Personality: harmonious, protective, benevolent

Colors: shades of green and brown

Materials: recycled wood, raw cork, carpet with foam mat effect

- the STONE rooms and the beauty of the mineral

Personality: urban, industrial

Colors: shades of gray, blue, green

Materials: concrete, black wood or black metal, stone

- the FLOWER rooms and the power of plants

Personality: bright, abundant, dynamic

Colors: yellow, white, green, with woody and turquoise notes

Materials: solid wood, ceramic, cotton

- the BOOKBOX rooms when reading is a shared pleasure

Personality: sweet, romantic, dreamy, creative

Colors: nude or green, with touches of color and light or white wood

Materials: solid wood, ceramic, velor

In the hotel, if we have tried to use recycle items, some objects are new but designed in a fair trade approach or from organic farming, while others are the result of craftsmanship, handmade or reuse. Thus doors or shutters are found headboards or fishing nets are transformed into soft carpet.

Choices were made to have an overall consistency of the project in its approach and use.

" Araxi focuses on finding materials and materials to offer a unique, responsible and original concept. Going beyond the standard codes, catching people's interest or curiosity and providing a true experience is at the heart of our design " says  Delphine Sanoïan, applying with vigor and talent the affirmation of Victor Papanek: "Design has become the most powerful tool with which man trains his tools and his environment".

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