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A cosy nest in the

heart of Orléans

Sweet dreams... 

Sleep in Orleans

How do you like to sleep?

More cork or plant-based? nature or concrete?

When you book on our site, do not hesitate to indicate your preferences, because our rooms are available in collections with a unique design and atmosphere.

CUBE rooms

This “Cube” collection refers to artisanal headboards featuring natural wood cubes that are burned and painted.

Features :

  • Bio-sourced paint, based on pine resin

  • Bamboo flooring (neutral to negative carbon footprint)

  • Ecological fiber carpet (made from recycled fishing line)

  • Ecological and vegan inspired design (no substances/materials of animal origin)

Available in double or triple rooms
A partir de 95 €

WOOD rooms

The “ Wood ” collection comes from natural cork panels that celebrate the nobility of wood. A soft green carpet evokes a moss carpet and will delight your delicate feet.


  • Natural cork panels, recyclable, renewable and biodegradable material

  • Ecological fiber carpet (made from recycled fishing line)

  • Furniture mainly in natural wood

Available in double rooms
A partir de 95 €

FLOWER rooms

This Flower ” collection highlights the artistic work of Rodolphe Barsikian of Vahan Studio, on the theme of the urban jungle, or how the city man can live in harmony with nature, here stylized and sometimes fragmented, but always abundant.


  • Wall covered with the work of Rodolphe Barsikian , unique work for the hotel

  • Furniture mainly in natural materials, natural wood

  • Ecological fiber carpet

  • Environment-friendly designed

Available in double or triple rooms
A partir de 95 €

STONE rooms

This “ Stone ” collection highlights the mineral in harmony with other natural or more industrial materials. The urban character asserts itself but remains in harmony with its environment.


  • Handmade headboards, made in Grenoble, from stripped and painted doors or shutters

  • Concrete effect wall, industry-like furniture and lighting

  • Ecological fiber carpet (fishing nets)

Available in double rooms
A partir de 95 €


This “ Bookbox ” collection offers book boxes for young and old. Don’t hesitate to borrow a book and leave one in exchange!

The colors of the rooms are deliberately soft and invite you to read, in soft green or nude pink.

  • Book boxes available for children and adults

  • Ecological fiber carpet (made from recycled fishing net)

  • Environment-friendly designed

Available in double/twin, triple or quadruple rooms
A partir de 95 €

In the rooms, like every space in the hotel, certain pieces or added objects are new but they have been designed using a fair trade approach or from organic farming while others are the result of craftsmanship, and recycling. Thus, doors or shutters become headboards or fishing nets are transformed into soft carpet.

So come and try our different atmospheres, there is a room for everyone's taste!

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